Rochester NY Wedding Giveaway | Rochester, NY Wedding Photographer

We are having so much fun spreading the word about our give away! We wanted to share all the info. Have you entered to win yet???

This fall when we were discussing our yearly GIVE we tossed around the idea of giving away wedding photography. I think every holiday season all those feelings of gratitude over come us. We really feel lucky, blessed, and truly thankful to get to do what we love and support our families all at the same time.  We don't always have cash to give, but we do have our photography skills! We seriously enjoy having the opportunity to share it as much as we can.

It seems the universe was ready and waiting. That night I chatted with my friend Karen, Dolce Amica Event Planning and Design. She was feeling bummed because she had really wanted to reach out to a story she had seen on the local news, but couldn't find a way to. She really wanted to give someone her services and truly help a local bride.  

Well that began the snow ball of Love Your Story Rochester. Karen and Paul and I began talking with our wedding vendor friends and it grew into something truly incredible!!

We have now been accepting love stories since Thanksgiving and we love reading them. 

You have until January 1st to submit yours!

Go to the website, check out all the amazing vendors involved, see what you can win! 

But most importantly, during this season, when we are all so truly lucky, give. Whatever you can! I know it isn't always money. BUT you do have time? Even if it is giving to someone you know. Helping? Reading a book? It spreads. We all know it does. 

Happy Holidays to all our amazing clients and clients to come! 

Give when you can! Love is all you need.