We are expecting!!

If offering video is like being pregnant?

I think so. 

We are so excited to present Kevin Mattison's first wedding film. He has been working with Paul for almost 10 years. He is no newbie. BUT video is like a whole new ball game. We are crazy impressed with his first try and can not even wait to watch him grow. 

This is Coral and Glen's wedding at Young Sommer Winery. 

Enjoy! We can't wait to share more of his work!


Autism UP | Celebrate. Collaborate. Donate | July 15th | Studio 180

Come party with us for a GREAT cause!


At Studio 180, St. Paul, Rochester

We will be there with our photo booth! 

Guest bartenders John DiTullio & Bill Moran from 95.1 IHEARTradio

So many amazing items to bid on and win!

Dolce Amica Event Planning
In Bloom Floral
Heron Hill
Finger Lakes Entertainment
Haven Hair Salon
Genesee Brewery
Beautiful Birth Choices
P.S. Enjoy your Life
East Ave. Inn & Suites
Creative Inking
Living Roots
City Grill
Comedy at the Carlson
S&S Limosine
Black Button Distilling
Buffalo Sabres
Hedonist Chocolate
Guglielmo's Sauce

(The list is still growing...we can't wait for you to see all the generous donations).

Grab your tickets! (150 avaiable)

LINK TO Purchase tickets

(OR email us to purchase)
We can't wait to see you there!

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 10.39.44 AM.png

Floral Bouquet 3 ways | North Glow Photography | Editing Styles

This was fun. Same arrangement by the amazing In Bloom Wedding Floral

Lots of different editing and styling styles we play with in photography. 

Hard to even decide which to choose!

The first one is a Matte Finish. I Love the finishing this style can give an image. BUT in some images it takes away to much detail. We use this on detail shots or images that we tend to like in black and white. 

The second one (along with a light background and prop) has a faded finish. I brushed white around the image. Gives it a pastel look. This looks beautiful on images with directional light or a blown out background (overexposed sky, sometimes done to bring focus only the subjects in composition outside).

The last image has a deep, high contrast style. Usually our editing choice for portrait and wedding work. Stands the test of time. Looks vibrant and beautiful and true to life. 

XOXO, Chelse

in bloom dark and moody north glowphotography

North Glow Photography Holiday Guide | Photography of course

Everything PHOTOGRAPHY Gift Guide

Ok, we are kinda down to the wire here. Let me help. We have gathered some ideas for you. Not a million. Just the ones we really thing someone would love. Personally, this is MY (Chelse) shopping week. I can NOT keep a secret. Like seriously I suck at lying. I find many many of our clients are big photography lovers. Not only of images of themselves and their family, but also they love TAKING photos. So CHEERS! To all our photography lovers. We love you!


I MEAN....


We put together some fun ideas for you. BUT also you can always purchase a $Amount. We can email the certificate or mail it or you can come right to the studio and pick it up!

Our clients seriously love receiving theses.  I have not yet to meet a family matriarch who does not want a beautiful portrait of the family she created. That is at the kind of gift that actually gets some tears. (I'm a total sucker for tears). 

Check them all out. 

LINK To Purchase North Glow Photography Sessions with a Gift Certificate




2. Learn? There are lots of books out there, but this one is HANDS ON. Learn by doing. 


Photographer's Playbook: 307 Assignments and Ideas







3. ONE on ONE Instruction with North Glow. 

We get asked a LOT about this one. We decided to offer it! We have both and currently teach photography classes. This kind of learning is really the way to go. 





4. OUR ABSOLUTE FAVORITE LENS. EVER. WE WANT 3. (so we can each shoot with one and then have one to just look at.).


Sigma Art Lens 35mm for Nikon



The stuff is gorgeous. I imagine you have seen it. 

Artifacts Uprising. 

Might I recommend the: Wooden Print Hanger with Print



You are welcome. Get shopping! You are almost out of time!


Chelse & Paul

North Glow Photography


Joe and Francesca's Wedding Photography at La Luna in Rochester, NY | Style & Grace

Joe and Francesca


Ceremony: St. Mary's Rochester, NY

Venue: La Luna

Floral: Stacy K Floral

After a spring and early summer full of rain threats and chill this day turned out incredible!

The ceremony was in one of the most gorgeous churches in Rochester. We took full advantage of their giant stained glass. What a beautiful backdrop for their vows.

We spent some time in the High Falls area doing portraits. Using some of our favorite spots. We get kinda into that! We love the bridge there, but we have some small spots that we couldn't even describe to you where they are! Ha! We just know them. For their light, architecture. Whatever. We get nutty like that.

La Luna is a favorite spot of ours. It is so vast and there are so many levels and details to shoot through and use. Perfect spot to experiment with lighting. A seriously stylish venue. You can make it look totally your own!

We would love to be their on your wedding day!

Now booking weddings for 2018.

Send us a note. We would love to chat with you!




Contact US

Thank you Joe and Francesca for having us there with you.


Paul & Chelse

Wedding Tips Beyond the Typical

Make a Meal Plan

     Another unforeseen expense?  Feeding your wedding day crew.  Before you sign the contracts, make sure your'e not required to serve the same meal to your vendors that guests will receive.  Otherwise, you could be paying for 20 additional lobster tails.  Choose a less expensive (but equally hearty) meal for them instead.  You will have to let your wedding caterer know a couple of days before the wedding exactly how many vendors you need to feed (don't forget photography assistants and band roadies) and what you want them to serve.  


Wait For a Date 

     Sometimes, last-minute planning can work in your favor.  The closer your date, the more bargaining power you have.  Since most people book thier wedding venues at least six months in advance, calling for open dates two months prior to your desired time can save you up to 25 percent.  And, Friday and Sunday weddings should cost about 30 percent less than Saturday weddings.  

Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize

     "We wanted the whole day to be a celebration of the rest of our lives.  We wanted people to walk away saying, 'That was so much fun.'  And we were able to accomplish that.  Choose the few things that are important to you, like the photographer and DJ were to us, and then go from there.  Be flexible on the other details and remember to have fun." - Jeanae and Scott  

Remind Yourself What's Truly Important

     "My biggest piece of advice for brides and grooms planning thier wedding is to never forget that it is a celebration of the union of two people."  - Stephanie and Kahn

Don't Get Too Caught up in the Details

     "Take a step back and remember what is important-you are marrying the love of your life!  The dresses, cake, flowers, food, and drinks will have no bearing on the success of the marriage, so don't sweat it and always focus on keeping a realistic perspective.  - Kelly and Matthew





The Terrible Twos. How to get through portraits smiling.

Oh Boy. 

I think you have met Oscar. He is way handsome, but way a handful. Isn't it always that way?

After the "fun" we had during his ONE year session, I was not looking forward to the TWO session. BUT I really need it to happen. I love these photos.  I love the images of I have from my other 2 and I eat, sleep and breathe documenting my family. 

I planned! I will share. 

How to have a successful photo session with a 2 year old. 

1. Pick the right time of day. In my experience this is morning. Honestly as close to when they wake up as possible. That part is harder for the parent, but the babe is in the best mood. 

2. Satisfy all the major needs, well. Fed, watered, bathed, dressed appropriately for temperature. These seem really obvious? BUT You skip one and it goes all down hill. 

3. Come armed. Snacks, Drinks, extra clothes, bribes (yes I said it, I meant it).

Oscar got chocolate cheerios. Those kept him in one spot a couple times!

A Favorite toy, stuffed animal that you would not mind in the photos.

I brought a pile of Lightning McQueen cars, a favorite lion puppet and of course, Bunny. Super colorful and I never mind that kind of thing in photos with my kids. The goal getting some without them, but the goal getting photos. 

4. How can you keep them still? I thought of my boots, Oscar loves wearing all our shoes right now. Actually he loves wearing anything of ours. I let him play with my hat too. 

I'm not going to pretend it was easy. BUT with the right photographer (Paul helped me out with these), some simple ideas and the right prep, it all turns out. AND ABSOLUTELY worth the work. 

This boy.

Mommy & Me Photography Sessions: What is more beautiful then a mommy with her babes?

I have been doing these Mommy & Me photo sessions for about 7 years now.


They are a HUGE favorite of mine.

This year we did them at Cheri' Marie Salon & Bridal Lounge! Gorgeous!

Honestly, they are easy, because how can we go wrong?

Is there a mom in existence who doesn't love a photo of themselves with their baby?

(That is a trick question)


Listen, It is me Chelse. I'm the mom in the partnership here. I get it. We as women, don't always feel stunning, gorgeous, pretty, okay looking, presentable, human...

We have to work at it?! Or so we think.

BUT, we all know, our babies think we are beautiful. For me. These photos are for me, but more they are for my kids. They tell their life story.

Short story, I was going for a walk with my 12 year old. Now 12 yearolds, they are picky. (I say that to make this sound like such a bigger compliment). I was telling her, "Claire, every time I see clients they tell me, Oh Chelse, your Claire is so beautiful." (Which she is, and I like to tell her often, along with strong, smart and all the good things).

She says: "Mom, I look like you. You are so beautiful. The most beautiful."

I die.

She and my boys make me feel beautiful. Even when I don't.

Maybe I got side tracked there. BUT the goal here is:

Mama, let me take your photo. Don't shrink out. Don't wait years and years and years. Just do it.

You WILL NEVER regret it.

Now some proof:

Look at all these Brave Moms and their little's.

BUY it, do it, stop worrying about it. Leave everything to me. I will make you feel beautiful. You will have professional photos with your babes. All will be well in the world.







Class of 2018, Senior Portraits, Yes, it is time.

We love SENIOR PORTRAITS over here at North Glow!

Already know you want to work with us:


Last year we called our Senior brand: Identity.

That took a lot of thought. Senior photography is totally it's own thing.

To us everything is about YOU.

Of course, we have a style and a method. We are totally light driven and obsessed with your personality and your story. We seek out interesting locations with major input from you.

In the end these images should represent your identity, personality, you, now.

Some things to think about:

1. Dates:  All the sudden it is April? Well, all the sudden it will be November. Seriously. Let's get this scheduled while you are thinking about it.

We take on around 15 seniors a year. We want you to be one.

Spring Senior Sessions: April 1st - May 1st: We give you a discounted session for getting it done early! $495
This includes your 2-3 locations and 20 digital files.

Early Bird Booking: Until May 1st. ($50 off!): Book any date in 2017 by this date and get the discount!

Senior Model Applications in: May 1st. What is this? Earn your senior portraits? Be a model for us? You want all the info. Email us!   northglowphotography@gmail.com

PRIME SESSION DATES: June 17th-Sept. 2nd.  There are about 8 Weekend dates available in there. And weekday evenings.

2. The PREP

Wardrobe? Hair? Make up? What to buy? Where to go?

We are offering a little prep class! Seriously. Come into the studio. Chat about all these things.

Meet us:

June 22nd


1350 Pittsford Mendon Rd. Mendon



3. How do you choose a photographer?!? It is truly a jungle out there. Honestly we are super lucky in the Rochester area. There are a lot of great choices.

What we recommend:

1. Decide if you want a professional? This is someone who likely has a studio. Does photography full time. Is majorly focused on this area and has all the good stuff. Access to all the products you want and experience to get you what you want done, well, the first time.

2. Ask for recommendations. Or did you see a great photo that you like? Ask who did it.


or call: 585-489-3551

or email: northglowphotography@gmail.com



It's all in focus..or so you thought?

Picture this: It's a beautiful sunny day and your kids are playing outside together like civilized human beings..its a cookie cutter kodak moment and one you can't afford to miss capturing! You grab your camera and snap a pic..upload it to your computer and its all blurry. A perfect moment missed due to a simple (and fixable) error in judgement!

Here some tips to make sure that all your kodak moments are as crisp as they can be!

1)  As anything goes the quality of the picture depends on the quality of your equipment. Now I don't mean that you have to have the most ridiculously expensive camera and lens to make sure that its a crystal clear photograph, just making sure that the camera and/or equipment you do have is clean and functioning properly! Dust, sand, smudge marks and even finger prints are all things that effect the quality of the photograph you are trying to take! Clean it up folks.

2) Take into consideration the lighting of the area you're in! Whether its an outdoor scene or indoors any camera is going to try and focus on the brightest area in your field of view. So while you may think your kids are the main focus, your camera may be focusing on the bright white wall behind you or maybe the living room lamp. This means that you might have to move around the space to ensure that the lighting is optimal for the subject you're trying to capture! Or take a leap and try selecting your focal points? (Did I scare you there, get that manual out and look into it!)

3) Ready, Steady, Shoot! Make sure you try to keep yourself and the camera as steady as possible! if you're prone to shaky hands try a tripod or even use a table to steady yourself on! (I hold my breath, seriously, I do).

Interested in learning more tips and tricks to #ShootLikeAPro ? Click the link below!




Stay tuned for more posts like this one!

Next topic?  Which setting to use?!?! There are so many to choose from!

Let us do the dirty work?



Now available for small events as well as all your portrait & wedding needs!!


Style Shoot @ The Cub Room Rochester | Rochester Photography

What better way to warm up on a snowy winter day then a cozy style shoot at a swanky little restaurant!


 With a little Help from our friends at Sweet Honey Events and Flower Power Decor, we had the place looking quaint as ever! And it helped that we had some super stylish models thanks to Beth Roberts of Jane Vintage!

With The Cub Room as our setting it was like stepping back in time to a 1920's Speak easy!

Heather From Sweet Honey decided on the concept of Cocktail Revival. She carried it out flawlessly.

Her planning business is totally unique with a focus on sustainability her ideas are so incredible. I love talking with her.

Our models are of course a real life couple, obvious by their beautiful connection.

Style shoots are our opportunity to get out and work with favorite and new vendors in the Rochester area.

So inspiring. We get to play with light and posing and keep our wedding skills sharp during the off season.

The Cub Room absolutely does events! You should totally consider them. Super original space with such cool, chill vibe. They have different areas and coves which we loved using. The hallway to the bathroom was a favorite of ours! Ha! We tend to obsessively scope out a venue to find the best! I promise, it is always like a scavenger hunt that only we are on. BUT so worth it!


Enjoy these!

Contact us for your wedding day photography. We would love to work with you.



or visit our CONTACT page.


Wonder Sessions | Rochester, NY Children Photography

There is nothing MINI about these!

Our idea here was inspiration, experience, putting your little into a little dream world. 

We brainstormed how to make this truly an experience, fun, up lifting.

Swing? Clouds? Wardrobe? Cupcakes? Music? 

We are totally excited about these! Come experience the wonder...


Email or call to book: northglowphotography@gmail.com 585.489.3551

Email or call to book: northglowphotography@gmail.com 585.489.3551

rochester ny childrens phtography
Wonder Sessions, Rochester ny




Decorating AT the Tree Farm | Rochester, NY Photographer

We like to keep some family's photos secret for them until they get their cards out!

These holiday cards are like a little piece of ART!

And we are wayyyyy INTO THAT. 

THIS tree farm, is magical. It even has horseyssss. 



We can't wait to adventure somewhere new with you!

Now booking Snow Sessions, In Your Home Sessions, and as always in the studio! 

Send us an email northglowphotography@gmail.com


Give us a call at (585)489-3551

xoxo, Chelse

Boudoir, The Get To Know Me, Session | Rochester, NY Boudoir photography

I hate the word MINI.

There is nothing mini about anything we do here!

Let's call these from now on, an EVENT!

It is almost that blasted holiday... 

I hate it. I'm sorry, but I do. It is so over done. One half of you as a couple are overthinking, dreaming, obsessing. And the other half is likely unaware what month it is. 

Those of us who have something to sell are kinda boxed into programing our calendars around these dates. They are like pre-packaged marketing pin points. 

It is cute because hearts? red? love? I love all those things!

It is just the expectations, the pressure, and the norm.

Let's kinda use this prepackaged holiday as a trigger and jump off from there!

Come do a "Get to Know Me" Session with boudoir! 

I know you are curious. Likely nervous. Perhaps just totally excite and waiting for the right moment.

These will take place at our new studio! 

I will have 2 areas you  can use and you can bring 2 "outfits".

We (you and I) will spend about 15 minutes with each look. 

I will lead you! You don't have to come expecting to know what to do!

If you love it and it is just what you wanted? Perfect! You get to choose 15 images in a totally private gallery and be on your way! You can add on one of our gorgeous books if you want. Super popular. 

If you want more, even more perfect! We can set up a full session for you! 4-5 looks, hair and make up and really customize it for you!

These will take place:

January 19th, January 22nd, January 27th
$300 includes 15 digital files





Have Questions still? Call! Email! I am happy to answer them for you!

Are not quite ready yet?

Join the LIST.

LEARN more about boudoir and join the conversation. 




To me, boudoir is suggestive, inspired by fashion, and in every way about the subject and in now way about me as a photographer. 

To me, boudoir is suggestive, inspired by fashion, and in every way about the subject and in now way about me as a photographer. 

Rochester NY Wedding Giveaway | Rochester, NY Wedding Photographer

We are having so much fun spreading the word about our give away! We wanted to share all the info. Have you entered to win yet???

This fall when we were discussing our yearly GIVE we tossed around the idea of giving away wedding photography. I think every holiday season all those feelings of gratitude over come us. We really feel lucky, blessed, and truly thankful to get to do what we love and support our families all at the same time.  We don't always have cash to give, but we do have our photography skills! We seriously enjoy having the opportunity to share it as much as we can.

It seems the universe was ready and waiting. That night I chatted with my friend Karen, Dolce Amica Event Planning and Design. She was feeling bummed because she had really wanted to reach out to a story she had seen on the local news, but couldn't find a way to. She really wanted to give someone her services and truly help a local bride.  

Well that began the snow ball of Love Your Story Rochester. Karen and Paul and I began talking with our wedding vendor friends and it grew into something truly incredible!!

We have now been accepting love stories since Thanksgiving and we love reading them. 

You have until January 1st to submit yours!  www.loveyourstoryrochester.com

Go to the website, check out all the amazing vendors involved, see what you can win! 

But most importantly, during this season, when we are all so truly lucky, give. Whatever you can! I know it isn't always money. BUT you do have time? Even if it is giving to someone you know. Helping? Reading a book? It spreads. We all know it does. 

Happy Holidays to all our amazing clients and clients to come! 

Give when you can! Love is all you need.