Alexis & Kevin | The couple that is ALWAYS smiling | Casa Larga, Victor, NY

Venue: Casa Larga

Florist: Kittleberger

DJ: BreakThrough Entertainment

Hair and Makeup: Blush Beauty Bar

What makes wedding photographers happy? And able to create great images that represent you and your personality? When you trust us, respect us, pay us well, and have a great time with us. Checked all the boxes here. Thank you Alexis and Kevin!

Sofia, Scot, & Snoppy | One of the luckiest pups in all the world

We love that we get to work with Snoppy. (and his parents).

He is kinda lucky. He has maybe the two best doggie parents ever.

The color at Highland park was particularly beautiful this day.

We love spending time with our couples before their wedding day. Engagement sessions are really fun for us. They are of course about the photos, because it is always about the photos for us. BUT they are sooooo about our connection with you! We thrive completely on our couples having complete trust in us!

Birth Story | At Home Birth with Midwife and Doula| Lennon comes rushing in.

Heather and Deb entered my life when they met with me to photograph their wedding. I was so excited that they were considering me. They were one of those couples that were in love totally out loud. In the meeting, in life, obviously in love. For me that is so fun to photograph. I loved their engagement session, just in their home together with there pup. They had trained her to hold the engagement ring on her nose. Of course.

Their wedding was everything I knew it would be. Thoughtful, creative, intimate.

They both became my friends.

I have such a major appreciation for their personalities. Beautiful open minds, accepting, nurturing people. When they decided to have a baby, I knew it would be special. I followed their journey.

I knew Heather would be beautiful in birth. She takes every part of life on in her own way. I actually cried on the way to their house. Just thinking of both of them. Their journey to get pregnant, in life, everything all together. i just kept thinking how brave and strong and beautiful.

Just like I know Lennon will be.

Come work with us!!

So excited to post this. We hate turning down weddings. We want to take them ALLLLLLL. But we need more photographers who get it. We would really love 2-3 to join our team. 

Let me get specific here, because I don't want to have to send back emails that are negative. ONLY positive. We do take on interns, BUT this is not for that. 

We are not looking for people who are learning. You must have full equipment. Please only apply if you have shot at least 5 weddings on your OWN. We will need to review a full portfolio, with FULL weddings. Must shoot natural and flash photography. Be open to learn our techniques. 

We will be paying on a per wedding basis. Not hiring full time or part time photographers. 

Hoping to have 2-3 photographers hired by June 1st! Excepting inquiries until May 1st. 

Also we are fun. I think? Right? Anybody?

associate photographer.jpg

Just the Tips... Get the best out of your photography on the big day!

Tips, Tips, Tips!!

You want great wedding photography! Agreed…

Preparation; the nerves, the joy, the details  

We come with the idea of capturing your interaction with your friends and family you are preparing with. Your dress, jewelry, shoes and flowers are also on our VIP list during this time. 

Some things that can make this period even more beautiful if you have the option:

  1. Choose a location with lots of natural light. Get ready near a big window.

  2. Bring a wooden hanger for your dress. 

  3. Make one of your bride’s maids in charge of your details (shoes, jewelry, make-up, veil, something blue…).

  4. Bring an invitation.

  5. Have all your bridesmaids get into their dresses before you, as soon as possible. 

  6. Try and be ready 30-40 min. before the ceremony so there is time for some portraits! 

  7. Groom: Think of a fun location near where you are getting married to do some group shots. The gentlemen are always ready before the ladies and it is a perfect time for some portraits.

  8. We can only photograph what we have time to photograph! So be sure to leave time for it. Don’t let getting ready over take your whole day and make everything else run so late you don’t leave time for photos!

Ceremony; the emotion, the guests, the kiss!

1.          This is just a matter of opinion: BE IN THE MOMENT…Cry, Laugh, Just be you, it is your day. 

2.         Walk SLOW and smile. This also goes for all your bridesmaids and attendants as well!

3.         Kiss SLOW! Hold that kiss…I mean why not?

4. Stop on your way back down the aisle, kiss once more!

Portraits; However YOU want them.

1.          Think about how much time you want to spend and let us know for sure. 

2.         When it is just the two of you relax and be you; hold hands, kiss, talk, smile, and laugh. You can’t get natural if you don’t act natural.

3.         Give your group a little pep talk. Tell them you want to have FUN, but you also want to get done and into the PARTY! 

4.       You don’t need to think of ideas because we come with plenty, BUT please feel free to shout them out if you have them. We love to be inspired by you!

5.         Think of dismissing everyone at some point, so just the two of you can have at least 20 min. of portraits alone. 

6.        Put someone in charge of the family and friends you want group portraits of! Don’t lose time to searching for them!


The theme: Relax, have fun, be you!

We have a lot of shots on our list, but a couple to think about:


Spring Sessions ANNOUNCED | Easter, Mommy & Me and so much more!


It is time to come out of your home, no more hibernating.


(Just like Annie says).

First up EASTER:

Easter OUTFITS?!!? 2 backdrop choices. Hanging Flowers and all white. We will have "egg decorating" props (with no actual dye, duh) and always other prop fun. Get a fancy portrait and a childhood memory captured all at the same time!

$150 includes 30 minutes and 10 images. 

April 12th and 14th | 585-489-3551 to book!

Then MOMMY and ME:

Mommy and Me

$250 includes session and files. We will be selecting and delivering around 25 files this year. 
Sessions will be outside, weather permitting. We have not chosen spot yet. As we are really hoping for some blossoming. We have a couple of places in mind around Mendon area.

April 27th, May 2, 11, 12
9am-7pm times available. 
EXCEPT 11th. Only available 8:30-12. | 585-489-3551 to book!

Come see us?! Please?

We have beautifulness planned.

april and may.jpg
senior mini.jpg
Mommy and Me.jpg

Maternity and Newborn, The perfect combination.

One of our most popular combinations is Maternity and Newborn. You will never ever regret having maternity photos. Never. We love growing with our families.

We even have a Gift REGISTRY! Get what is important to you!!

Maternity and Newborn are available at the studio, in your home or on location or a combination of locations! We love talking to you about everything and consulting. We have so many things for you to use here but love using whatever fits into your styling too!

Chelse has worked with babies for 10 years. It is more then just photography for us. It is the whole experience!

We ALWAYS offer this special:

newborn and maternity .jpg

Las Vegas Strip Night Shoot | Rochelle & Louis

Louis and Rochelle were born and raised in Las Vegas.

Everyone else we ran into there was from L.A.?

While on our trip to WPPI 2019 we got to do a shoot with them. We wanted to take full advantage of the night life in Vegas on the Strip. Night sessions create a totally different experience. We get to create the light and effect it exactly how we want to. Get really inventive. Shaping light however we want to. You can get lost trying to choose spots on the Las Vegas Strip to shoot. We narrowed it down to 3 spots. Mostly around the neighborhood of Aria, New York New York and MGM.

We don’t have to be in Vegas to do a night shoot! Any city any way…let us know?

North Glow -5.jpg
North Glow -69.jpg
North Glow -35.jpg
North Glow -14.jpg
North Glow -51.jpg
North Glow -68.jpg
North Glow -28.jpg
North Glow -24.jpg

| Samantha & JP | Heron Hill Winery Hammondsport, NY |08/18/2018|

We love summer weddings in the Finger Lakes. I mean, truthfully we love all weddings in that area, but especially the summer ones. The scenery is always so amazing, especially at one of our favorite venues; Heron Hill Winery.

Samantha & JP’s wedding did not disappoint. They came to us from Los Angeles because of roots in the area and we are so glad they found us. We couldn’t have asked for a more fun and attractive Bride, Groom and wedding party! We enjoyed time at the family cottage and got some great shots there including an awesome first look on the dock.

This day would never have been even close to as beautiful without the hard work and planning of some of our favorite people at Dolce Amica Event Planning & Design and In Bloom Florals, we can always count on everything looking gorgeous and running smoothly as well as flawless flower arrangements. Not to mention delicious food from Nolan’s on the Lake catering.

Married in Boston, Wedding Photos in Barcelona | Jason & Valerie

This Spanish guy married this American girl.

They had a wedding in Boston.

We did their wedding portraits in Barcelona.

It is an undertaking deciding where to take them! Way too many choices. Both the bride and the groom really loved spots with interesting architecture and that really reminded them of Barcelona.

We chose: Arc de Triomf, Barrio Gotico, El Catedral del Centro

Oh, it's been too long! | Jenelle & Todd | Climbing Bines Hop Farm | May 26, 2018 | Finger Lakes, NY

What a busy 2018 wedding season! With all our good intentions we have fallen way too far behind in our blog posting as of late. That being the past 7 months! So over the next few days we will be posting some of Kevin’s video teasers from this past season along with galleries of Chelse and Paul’s images.

The first wedding we want to share is from Jenelle & Todd’s wedding in May at Climbing Bines Hop Farm & Brewery on Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes Region of New York. Such a cool venue to have a wedding or to just go to for a great beer! The owners and staff are awesome as well.

It was a great learning day for Kevin in so many ways. Mainly in learning, again, that drones do not love Seneca Lake for some reason. In an attempt to get a beautiful first-look shot we instead found ourselves retrieving our much loved drone out of said lake (thank you to some great neighbor friends for jumping in and grabbing it for us, and it even still works, not sure how).

Jenelle & Todd were troopers dealing with such a hot, humid day and hanging with us for all the shots we knew they’d love but having to sweat through it.

It was a day of great friends and family with hilarious as well as heart felt toasts. Adorable kids that spoke better in front of a crowd than any of us, and if we’re being completely honest made all three of us cry…just a little bit, with the things they said.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we did! And if you’re looking for a great place to spend a cold winters night or warm summers day to get a great craft beer check out Climbing Bines.

We are expecting!!

If offering video is like being pregnant?

I think so. 

We are so excited to present Kevin Mattison's first wedding film. He has been working with Paul for almost 10 years. He is no newbie. BUT video is like a whole new ball game. We are crazy impressed with his first try and can not even wait to watch him grow. 

This is Coral and Glen's wedding at Young Sommer Winery. 

Enjoy! We can't wait to share more of his work!


Autism UP | Celebrate. Collaborate. Donate | July 15th | Studio 180

Come party with us for a GREAT cause!


At Studio 180, St. Paul, Rochester

We will be there with our photo booth! 

Guest bartenders John DiTullio & Bill Moran from 95.1 IHEARTradio

So many amazing items to bid on and win!

Dolce Amica Event Planning
In Bloom Floral
Heron Hill
Finger Lakes Entertainment
Haven Hair Salon
Genesee Brewery
Beautiful Birth Choices
P.S. Enjoy your Life
East Ave. Inn & Suites
Creative Inking
Living Roots
City Grill
Comedy at the Carlson
S&S Limosine
Black Button Distilling
Buffalo Sabres
Hedonist Chocolate
Guglielmo's Sauce

(The list is still growing...we can't wait for you to see all the generous donations).

Grab your tickets! (150 avaiable)

LINK TO Purchase tickets

(OR email us to purchase)
We can't wait to see you there!

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 10.39.44 AM.png

Floral Bouquet 3 ways | North Glow Photography | Editing Styles

This was fun. Same arrangement by the amazing In Bloom Wedding Floral

Lots of different editing and styling styles we play with in photography. 

Hard to even decide which to choose!

The first one is a Matte Finish. I Love the finishing this style can give an image. BUT in some images it takes away to much detail. We use this on detail shots or images that we tend to like in black and white. 

The second one (along with a light background and prop) has a faded finish. I brushed white around the image. Gives it a pastel look. This looks beautiful on images with directional light or a blown out background (overexposed sky, sometimes done to bring focus only the subjects in composition outside).

The last image has a deep, high contrast style. Usually our editing choice for portrait and wedding work. Stands the test of time. Looks vibrant and beautiful and true to life. 

XOXO, Chelse

in bloom dark and moody north glowphotography

North Glow Photography Holiday Guide | Photography of course

Everything PHOTOGRAPHY Gift Guide

Ok, we are kinda down to the wire here. Let me help. We have gathered some ideas for you. Not a million. Just the ones we really thing someone would love. Personally, this is MY (Chelse) shopping week. I can NOT keep a secret. Like seriously I suck at lying. I find many many of our clients are big photography lovers. Not only of images of themselves and their family, but also they love TAKING photos. So CHEERS! To all our photography lovers. We love you!


I MEAN....


We put together some fun ideas for you. BUT also you can always purchase a $Amount. We can email the certificate or mail it or you can come right to the studio and pick it up!

Our clients seriously love receiving theses.  I have not yet to meet a family matriarch who does not want a beautiful portrait of the family she created. That is at the kind of gift that actually gets some tears. (I'm a total sucker for tears). 

Check them all out. 

LINK To Purchase North Glow Photography Sessions with a Gift Certificate




2. Learn? There are lots of books out there, but this one is HANDS ON. Learn by doing. 


Photographer's Playbook: 307 Assignments and Ideas







3. ONE on ONE Instruction with North Glow. 

We get asked a LOT about this one. We decided to offer it! We have both and currently teach photography classes. This kind of learning is really the way to go. 





4. OUR ABSOLUTE FAVORITE LENS. EVER. WE WANT 3. (so we can each shoot with one and then have one to just look at.).


Sigma Art Lens 35mm for Nikon



The stuff is gorgeous. I imagine you have seen it. 

Artifacts Uprising. 

Might I recommend the: Wooden Print Hanger with Print



You are welcome. Get shopping! You are almost out of time!


Chelse & Paul

North Glow Photography