The Terrible Twos. How to get through portraits smiling.

Oh Boy. 

I think you have met Oscar. He is way handsome, but way a handful. Isn't it always that way?

After the "fun" we had during his ONE year session, I was not looking forward to the TWO session. BUT I really need it to happen. I love these photos.  I love the images of I have from my other 2 and I eat, sleep and breathe documenting my family. 

I planned! I will share. 

How to have a successful photo session with a 2 year old. 

1. Pick the right time of day. In my experience this is morning. Honestly as close to when they wake up as possible. That part is harder for the parent, but the babe is in the best mood. 

2. Satisfy all the major needs, well. Fed, watered, bathed, dressed appropriately for temperature. These seem really obvious? BUT You skip one and it goes all down hill. 

3. Come armed. Snacks, Drinks, extra clothes, bribes (yes I said it, I meant it).

Oscar got chocolate cheerios. Those kept him in one spot a couple times!

A Favorite toy, stuffed animal that you would not mind in the photos.

I brought a pile of Lightning McQueen cars, a favorite lion puppet and of course, Bunny. Super colorful and I never mind that kind of thing in photos with my kids. The goal getting some without them, but the goal getting photos. 

4. How can you keep them still? I thought of my boots, Oscar loves wearing all our shoes right now. Actually he loves wearing anything of ours. I let him play with my hat too. 

I'm not going to pretend it was easy. BUT with the right photographer (Paul helped me out with these), some simple ideas and the right prep, it all turns out. AND ABSOLUTELY worth the work. 

This boy.