Floral Bouquet 3 ways | North Glow Photography | Editing Styles

This was fun. Same arrangement by the amazing In Bloom Wedding Floral

Lots of different editing and styling styles we play with in photography. 

Hard to even decide which to choose!

The first one is a Matte Finish. I Love the finishing this style can give an image. BUT in some images it takes away to much detail. We use this on detail shots or images that we tend to like in black and white. 

The second one (along with a light background and prop) has a faded finish. I brushed white around the image. Gives it a pastel look. This looks beautiful on images with directional light or a blown out background (overexposed sky, sometimes done to bring focus only the subjects in composition outside).

The last image has a deep, high contrast style. Usually our editing choice for portrait and wedding work. Stands the test of time. Looks vibrant and beautiful and true to life. 

XOXO, Chelse

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