Just the Tips... Get the best out of your photography on the big day!

Tips, Tips, Tips!!

You want great wedding photography! Agreed…

Preparation; the nerves, the joy, the details  

We come with the idea of capturing your interaction with your friends and family you are preparing with. Your dress, jewelry, shoes and flowers are also on our VIP list during this time. 

Some things that can make this period even more beautiful if you have the option:

  1. Choose a location with lots of natural light. Get ready near a big window.

  2. Bring a wooden hanger for your dress. 

  3. Make one of your bride’s maids in charge of your details (shoes, jewelry, make-up, veil, something blue…).

  4. Bring an invitation.

  5. Have all your bridesmaids get into their dresses before you, as soon as possible. 

  6. Try and be ready 30-40 min. before the ceremony so there is time for some portraits! 

  7. Groom: Think of a fun location near where you are getting married to do some group shots. The gentlemen are always ready before the ladies and it is a perfect time for some portraits.

  8. We can only photograph what we have time to photograph! So be sure to leave time for it. Don’t let getting ready over take your whole day and make everything else run so late you don’t leave time for photos!

Ceremony; the emotion, the guests, the kiss!

1.          This is just a matter of opinion: BE IN THE MOMENT…Cry, Laugh, Just be you, it is your day. 

2.         Walk SLOW and smile. This also goes for all your bridesmaids and attendants as well!

3.         Kiss SLOW! Hold that kiss…I mean why not?

4. Stop on your way back down the aisle, kiss once more!

Portraits; However YOU want them.

1.          Think about how much time you want to spend and let us know for sure. 

2.         When it is just the two of you relax and be you; hold hands, kiss, talk, smile, and laugh. You can’t get natural if you don’t act natural.

3.         Give your group a little pep talk. Tell them you want to have FUN, but you also want to get done and into the PARTY! 

4.       You don’t need to think of ideas because we come with plenty, BUT please feel free to shout them out if you have them. We love to be inspired by you!

5.         Think of dismissing everyone at some point, so just the two of you can have at least 20 min. of portraits alone. 

6.        Put someone in charge of the family and friends you want group portraits of! Don’t lose time to searching for them!


The theme: Relax, have fun, be you!

We have a lot of shots on our list, but a couple to think about: