Birth Story | At Home Birth with Midwife and Doula| Lennon comes rushing in.

Heather and Deb entered my life when they met with me to photograph their wedding. I was so excited that they were considering me. They were one of those couples that were in love totally out loud. In the meeting, in life, obviously in love. For me that is so fun to photograph. I loved their engagement session, just in their home together with there pup. They had trained her to hold the engagement ring on her nose. Of course.

Their wedding was everything I knew it would be. Thoughtful, creative, intimate.

They both became my friends.

I have such a major appreciation for their personalities. Beautiful open minds, accepting, nurturing people. When they decided to have a baby, I knew it would be special. I followed their journey.

I knew Heather would be beautiful in birth. She takes every part of life on in her own way. I actually cried on the way to their house. Just thinking of both of them. Their journey to get pregnant, in life, everything all together. i just kept thinking how brave and strong and beautiful.

Just like I know Lennon will be.