Sana 6 Months

This is Mama's little girl. I loved spending the first year with her! I got to photograph her 2nd child a couple years ago. This is their 3rd child. The only girl. Mama knows how to do it right with all the girly frills. 

Sana 6 Months | NorthGlow Photography

I was just having a conversation the other day with a photographer friend. About wardrobe. Lots of times I see people pinning photo ideas on Pinterest. I wonder what it is about those photos they like? I wonder if they know what it is about those photos THEY like. 

Sana 6 Months | NorthGlow Photography

Many times it is wardrobe. This little pink dress is like spectacular. I mean this baby girl is spectacular. Her eyes?!?!? Her Smile?!?! BUT people the wardrobe matters. Go the extra mile. Reap the rewards. 

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