It's all in focus..or so you thought?

Picture this: It's a beautiful sunny day and your kids are playing outside together like civilized human beings..its a cookie cutter kodak moment and one you can't afford to miss capturing! You grab your camera and snap a pic..upload it to your computer and its all blurry. A perfect moment missed due to a simple (and fixable) error in judgement!

Here some tips to make sure that all your kodak moments are as crisp as they can be!

1)  As anything goes the quality of the picture depends on the quality of your equipment. Now I don't mean that you have to have the most ridiculously expensive camera and lens to make sure that its a crystal clear photograph, just making sure that the camera and/or equipment you do have is clean and functioning properly! Dust, sand, smudge marks and even finger prints are all things that effect the quality of the photograph you are trying to take! Clean it up folks.

2) Take into consideration the lighting of the area you're in! Whether its an outdoor scene or indoors any camera is going to try and focus on the brightest area in your field of view. So while you may think your kids are the main focus, your camera may be focusing on the bright white wall behind you or maybe the living room lamp. This means that you might have to move around the space to ensure that the lighting is optimal for the subject you're trying to capture! Or take a leap and try selecting your focal points? (Did I scare you there, get that manual out and look into it!)

3) Ready, Steady, Shoot! Make sure you try to keep yourself and the camera as steady as possible! if you're prone to shaky hands try a tripod or even use a table to steady yourself on! (I hold my breath, seriously, I do).

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