Class of 2018, Senior Portraits, Yes, it is time.

We love SENIOR PORTRAITS over here at North Glow!

Already know you want to work with us:


Last year we called our Senior brand: Identity.

That took a lot of thought. Senior photography is totally it's own thing.

To us everything is about YOU.

Of course, we have a style and a method. We are totally light driven and obsessed with your personality and your story. We seek out interesting locations with major input from you.

In the end these images should represent your identity, personality, you, now.

Some things to think about:

1. Dates:  All the sudden it is April? Well, all the sudden it will be November. Seriously. Let's get this scheduled while you are thinking about it.

We take on around 15 seniors a year. We want you to be one.

Spring Senior Sessions: April 1st - May 1st: We give you a discounted session for getting it done early! $495
This includes your 2-3 locations and 20 digital files.

Early Bird Booking: Until May 1st. ($50 off!): Book any date in 2017 by this date and get the discount!

Senior Model Applications in: May 1st. What is this? Earn your senior portraits? Be a model for us? You want all the info. Email us!

PRIME SESSION DATES: June 17th-Sept. 2nd.  There are about 8 Weekend dates available in there. And weekday evenings.

2. The PREP

Wardrobe? Hair? Make up? What to buy? Where to go?

We are offering a little prep class! Seriously. Come into the studio. Chat about all these things.

Meet us:

June 22nd


1350 Pittsford Mendon Rd. Mendon



3. How do you choose a photographer?!? It is truly a jungle out there. Honestly we are super lucky in the Rochester area. There are a lot of great choices.

What we recommend:

1. Decide if you want a professional? This is someone who likely has a studio. Does photography full time. Is majorly focused on this area and has all the good stuff. Access to all the products you want and experience to get you what you want done, well, the first time.

2. Ask for recommendations. Or did you see a great photo that you like? Ask who did it.


or call: 585-489-3551

or email: