Daddy and Me

This daddy received this session as a gift! I realize many Dad's don't love a photo session. They don't like wake up in the morning thinking, "Today, I really feel like chasing my children around in an outfit I would never wear that my wife picked out, being told where to stand and allow my child to behave like a maniac." Yikes! Yes! It can feel that way. My goal and (one of this years resolution plans) is to steer away from that! 

Daddy and Me | NorthGlow Photography

I want there to be less pressure. I don't know if dad (or mom) will ever truly love a photo session. BUT I know you love the results! I also know this dad is a super hero! He got all these handsome boys dressed and here to the studio. They had a blast and we were finished in about 25ish minutes. 

Daddy and Me | NorthGlow Photography

Good job Dad!

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