The Spencer Family

The studio is great. I have so many beautiful props for babies and I love it for maternity. But I really love coming to families homes for their sessions. I know lots of people don't think they're home is beautiful enough for a photo session. But I strongly disagree.

The Spencer Family | NorthGlow Photography

Your home is so many things. It's your pets, your kids bedrooms where they play. It's the view you look at all the time. It's your front door. It's really a window into the lives of you and your children when they're little.

The Spencer Family | NorthGlow Photography

Don't hesitate to have me come to your home. Part of my skill is finding beautiful spots. This family loves their view from their backyard, so that's where we spent most of our time. I love to be at candid moments with the families and the kids. Their dog stayed right with us the whole time. I did no wrangling, she just did what she did and it was perfect.

The Spencer Family | NorthGlow Photography

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